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Car Rental Mistakes in Los Angeles and Tips to Avoid Them

It doesn’t matter if you have an upcoming important business trip or you are planning to on a road trip you have been planning for a long time, there are several important things you should know when it comes to renting a car in Los Angeles. Here are the most common mistakes you need to avoid on your next car rental.

Adding Unnecessary Services

Make sure you check all additional costs and fees when the rental company offers you an upgrade. Services such as roadside or GPS service can easily have additional fees attached to them, causing a significant in your bill without needing to in the first place.

While convenient, always check to see if there are cheaper alternatives available. Better yet, always ask yourself if you need the extra feature in the first place to enjoy your LA trip.

Not Understanding the Penalties

Although it is common knowledge that renting a car is associated with some late fees, many people are not aware that you can even be fined if you return the rental vehicle earlier than your planned drop-off day.

It always pays off to understand the things you can and cannot do when it comes to car rentals. For instance, you will be charged an exorbitant cleaning fee if you smoke in the vehicle. You might also need to pay a fee if you return the car without a full tank of gas. Knowing about these penalties in advance can save you more money in the long run.

Renting a Car at the Airport

Renting a car at the airport will cost you more money compared to what rental companies off the airport will charge you. It is mainly because airports can charge their vendors premium location fees to put up a shop. To cover the price of those fees, car rental services in airports will charge you more for the same service than other rental providers.

Not Taking Your Time

If you rush into making an important decision, there is always a risk that you will soon regret it. The same rule applies to signing a car rental agreement without going through and reading the contract carefully.

If you fail to go over the finer points of the agreement, it runs the risk of paying for unessential features. Always take the extra few minutes to completely understand what you are getting into.

If the attendant tries to you, ignore them. You will surely be glad that you read everything once you spot an outrageous expense you don’t even need in the first place.

Waiving Insurance

Unless your existing car insurance provider got your car rentals covered, you will be better off spending your extra money to buy car rental insurance from the dealership. Although it will cost you upfront, you will save more money when an accident takes place.

Driving around in Los Angeles in a car you are not familiar with or traveling through territory you are not used to can put you at risk of getting involved in an accident when driving your rental vehicle.

Since there is no way to guarantee an accident-free driving experience, it is always better to be safe than sorry and get car rental insurance.

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