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Elevate your daily commute with an electric bike

Commuting to work or school is often a dreaded part of the daily routine. Sitting in traffic, searching for parking, and dealing with public transportation make simply getting to your destination a frustrating headache. Riding an electric bike offers a fun, eco-friendly way to breeze past all these commuting woes. Most e-bikes provide three levels of pedal assist to accommodate different terrain and fitness levels. The rechargeable battery powers the motor to assist you while pedaling. Alternatively, searching for a taxi near me or opting for a taxi offers a direct and convenient option when you need a break from cycling.

Benefits of commuting by e-bike

Commuting by electric bike provides many benefits over driving or taking public transportation. E-bikes allow you to zoom past traffic, avoid parking hassles, and provide door-to-door service. Riding an e-bike integrates physical activity into your commute while producing zero emissions. Pedal assist and electric power help you arrive fresh, on time, and in better shape. 

  • Scheduling flexibility – With an e-bike, you control your commute time and don’t have to adhere to a set public transportation schedule. Show up early or leave late when it best fits your schedule.
  • Saves money – Riding an electric bike is far cheaper than gassing up and parking a car. E-bikes also eliminate public transportation fare costs. Most e-bikes cost just pennies per charge.
  • Fun fact – Gliding along powered by an electric motor is simply a blast! E-bikes are exhilarating and put the fun back into your commute.

Types of electric commuter bikes

If you’re ready to ride, it’s time to select the best electric bike for commuting. Factors like your route, storage space, and biking abilities will determine the ideal e-bike style for you. 

  1. Electric city bike – Resembling a standard city bike, these have an upright riding position good for seeing over traffic and mounting/dismounting easily at stops. Available in both step-through and step-over frame styles.
  2. Hybrid bike – Hybrid-style e-bikes blend qualities from road, city, and mountain bike designs. The lightweight frames and smooth rolling wheels go fast with an upright, comfortable riding position. 
  3. Folding bike – Folding e-bikes collapse down for easy storage and portability. Great for combining with public transportation or stashing under your desk. Entry-level models are heavier than full-size e-bikes.
  4. Cargo bike – Cargo e-bikes have extended frames and racks to carry kids, groceries, or gear. The electric assist handles the extra weight with ease. Ideal for errands and families.
  5. Mountain bike – Rugged, durable electric mountain bikes add power to off-road trail riding. Excellent for adventure-seekers with long commutes through dirt paths and hills.
  6. Road bike – Sleek, lightweight frames combined with a tucked riding stance sacrifice comfort for maximized speed. Ideal for athletic riders with long commutes on smooth roads.

Get started with e-bike commuting

Test ride the route for time and difficulty before your first electric commuter bike. Check your state’s regulations for where to ride electric bikes and follow all the same traffic laws as cars. Gather essential cycling gear like a helmet, bike lights, lock, bell, and fenders to outfit your new e-bike. Ask about e-bike parking at your office and scope out the options for securing your bike safely during the day. It takes some trial and error to dial in your new e-bike commuting schedule. Allow enough time and account for variables like weather as you get experience. Recruit a co-worker to join you on their e-bike too. Riding together makes commuting more fun and accountable.

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