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Royal Enfield Classic 350 – Top 5 reasons to Buy

Owing a Royal Enfield classic 350 is like riding a royal bike as it’s a symbol of pride and  for those who dream to ride a bike or if not. Those who have a royal Enfield truly know the value of the bike. This is not just a bike but a part of their family and is indeed a family member. Riding royal Enfield classis 350 is feeling thrill and enthusiastic to ride the bike. Today royal Enfield is probably the highest selling motorcycle in Indian market. This is like a fire in the motorcycle market today with bringing a retro style live as well as bears a special place in the rider’s heart.

Stable AF

 The royal Enfield is one of the planted motorcycle with no amount of wind speeds hitting an RE rider which is enough to sway around. This weighs around or above 190 kilos with the rider weighing an average of 78 kilos the motorcycles stay planted on the road easily. Apart from that the royal Enfield classic 350 is easy to ride and have leather bound seats, the motorcycle makes you feel like sofa on wheels. These have electric start with not a far off thought. Everyone can ride a royal Enfield now and the process is quite easy which is possible because of new technology.

Top reasons to buy it

There are still some selective reasons to buy it


The royal Enfield holds on MRF tyres which help to stay stable on roads. The longevity and durability of the tryes are incomparable.

Comfort of driving

This bears the right from the seats to the grip with the bike offering extreme comfort ability and ease. The position of sitting is with respect to handle bar which is apt and for long distance ride you will hardly feel any discomfort. The seat is made up of pillion which is pretty long and padded well in length as well as width of the seat making it very comfortable for the rear seaters.


This is quite great and more about passion. So for those passionate riders who want their bikes to get customized in their own way can choose this. You can also change the exhaust pipe, handle bar, leg guards, seats and give your bike a new look. These parts are easily available in the market.

Cruise control

This bike bears the best cruiser under 2 lacks. When you have a riding speed of 80 km per hour then the bike will maintain complete stability. But with a slight exceed of speed you will face little vibration.

Engine sound

The sound of the engine is going to give an inner satisfaction and belongingness. Better can be understood by true bike lovers. Offers with single cylinder 4 stroke twin spark engine which is enough to offer mind blowing experience.

Some more features to love the ride

Apart from the above there are some other features which would make you love to travel on the bike. These are like the mileage which is around 35 to 37 kmpl and if the bike runs smoothly then it may exceed till 45 kmpl. The head lamps are also among the top most factors which provide clarity to the light system.

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