Situations Where You Will Need A Tow Truck Service
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Situations Where You Will Need A Tow Truck Service

Road issues keep happening now and then. Knowing different road services is extremely crucial. There can be several situations where you might need a tow service. A tow truck service is a service that provides assistance when your vehicle can not run by itself. In this blog, we will discuss what is a tow service and in what situations you might need one. So let us dive in!

What Is A Tow Truck Service?

A tow truck (รถยก, which is the term in Thai) service is a specialized vehicle that transports vehicles from one location to another. It is usually used to move disabled or damaged vehicles and to transport illegally parked cars. Tow trucks are equipped with various tools and features, such as winches, wheel lifts, flatbeds, and more. Law enforcement agencies and auto repair shops often use them to move vehicles safely. Additionally, tow truck services can be called upon in an emergency or accident.

When Do You Need A Tow Truck Service?

·       In The Event Of An Accident:

Accidents frequently occur on the road, requiring emergency towing services. If your vehicle becomes immobile due to an accident, a tow truck must remove it from the road. The tow truck operator will transport your car to the nearest service station or garage. In severe damage, the vehicle may be taken to a scrapyard.

·       When Experiencing Engine Problems:

If your car breaks down due to engine issues, contacting a tow truck service will allow for towing your vehicle. They can send a driver accompanied by a mechanic to provide on-the-spot repairs. If the problem cannot be resolved immediately, they can tow your car to a nearby garage or service station.

·       When Dealing With A Flat Tire:

While changing a flat tire may seem routine, not all drivers on the road possess the necessary skills or confidence to do so. Incorrectly changing a tire can pose risks to your safety and potentially cause further damage to the vehicle. If you are still deciding whether to change the tire, it is advisable to call a towing company for roadside assistance. The tow truck drivers will gladly replace the tire for you.

In A Nutshell

Although there can be other situations where you might need a tow service, here we have listed some of the most common ones. We hope that we can provide you with insights on this topic.

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