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The most important things to buy for your motorbike

Purchasing a motorbike especially for the first-time rider can be exciting and a thrilling experience to ride. It can also be a situation whereby the rider needs to upgrade by purchasing a new production in the market, this is also another experience but it’s also thrilling. Motorbikes are manufactured and designed for different purpose such as sport riding and even long-distance travelling depending on your choice. When in need of purchasing a bike, take into consideration that besides motorbike parts, the right and appropriate gear is compulsory. The main purpose of the gear is to enhance the riders’ safety, some of the important things include;


This is one of the most important things any rider needs to purchase, the helmet is very essential as it is majorly meant to protects your skull especially when a crush occurs. Riding without a helmet is very risky as also helps to minimize the effects of the wind blowing against the movement of the bike. It is advisable even to use additional earbuds besides the helmet as the wind produces noise that is up to 115dB and exposure to it for up to one minute can lead to permanent hearing loss. When purchasing the helmet, ensures it conforms to the Snell Memorial Foundation standards that are up to date.


When riding a bike, the legs are the part of the body that are mostly and entirely involved. That is why the legs are most prone to injuries especially in a wreck situation. Choosing the right boot to wear while riding entails a shoe that can protect the toes, ankle and even the foot sole should be safely hidden within the boot. Appropriate bike rider boots should include; plastic reinforced sole and toe boxes, this ensure the foot is stable and does not easily twist. The boot region above the ankles should include padded discs to protect the riders’ ankles. 

Rider Pants

Most riders do not consider purchasing the standard rider pants, but for any rider who is not only passionate but uses the bike often buying abrasion resistant pants is of importance. The pants made specifically for riders consists of very tough fabric that cannot easily be torn or get patches as a result of the friction. The middle or even heavy weight quality riding pants are the right choice especially for more often riders at it guarantees durability and reliability even in very stressful conditions or terrain that will cause repeated abrasion. The right rider jeans look better, give full protection and still cost at an affordable price.

Knee Armour

Knee armours are essential to protect the knees against any abrasion on the kneecaps. The knee caps are placed from the inside or on the outside of the riders’ pants. This is why it is necessary to buy appropriate rider jeans as they consist of sizeable pockets on the kneecaps in which the armours are placed.

Back Armour

Just like the knee armours, the back armour is essential to protect your body. Bikes do not include a leaning position for riders hence acquiring a jacket that extends beyond the tail bone is a way of cushioning your back while enjoying the ride.

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