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Tips to Consider Before Purchasing a Two Wheeler for Ladies

Two-wheelers are the important choice of Indian men and women which is easy to drive and handle capability makes it very popular. Before buying a two-wheeler for girls, here is the list of important things that one should check such as Resell Value, side stand, Feature, Body Balance, mileage, good 200cc bikes in india 2019 and Budget. Some of the important things to consider while buying women bikes are


There are several two-wheeler manufacturers in India such as Hero. The brand value also helps in the re-sell of bikes. There are a lot of 200cc bikes in india 2019 which you can buy from this brand.


It is the most important factor since most of the girls are on the shorter side and so you should purchase scooty for short height girl. The two wheelers or scooty for short height girl should not be too high else it will uncomfortable for the girls.


It is a very important factor to consider. You can buy a good two-wheeler which satisfies all the factors within a budget. You should also be ready for a little more to pay for newly launched bikes with extra features and colours.


Women should need to take care of this point, now a day’s there are low weight bikes are available but it’s extremely important to check the weight of the scooters so you can ride comfortably.


The helmet is now compulsory, So one should check the storge for the same and some other girls stuff too. Also, the two-wheelers should have enough space for Sunday shopping items.


A good two-wheeler should give you a mileage of 35 to 40 km per litre. So people have to make sure to choose the scooter which can offer us good mileage as per travel needs.

Auto Start and Durability

Kick-starting a two wheeler is not easy for every woman, so usually Check for Auto Start and battery durability. Check out the bike review, it doesn’t make sense to make a fast decision and settle for something that looks good and offers more mileage.

Style and Colour

New Style and Colour are the first choice of girls, Pink, white, black and blue are the very popular colours, cute but should be durable.

Service Center and Low Maintenance

The location of your service centre should be near your area, during any emergencies you should not land up travelling long distances for repairs and services. Servicing and Maintenance of two-wheelers are very important, It makes travelling very convenient because of low running and maintenance costs mean you can get many miles of the drive.

Availability of Spare Parts and Resell Value

All the two wheelers company does not have their spare parts easily available in the market, so you should consider this points in your list for future. Resell price totally depends upon the Brand, Year and current condition of the bike, A branded bike could give you a better deal as compared to other two-wheelers.

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