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Top 5 Fashion Trends For Water Proof Materials

A material that is not only stylish but also practical will always be the right choice. It’s even better when the material is protected from the elements because it’s waterproof. Waterproof materials are materials that do not allow their molecules to absorb water molecules. We all hate it when we can’t wear what we want because it might rain. We hate it more when we get our favorite outfit, wet and ruined. Here’s some good news for you: you can wear whatever you want if you have waterproofing spray! WaterProofing Spray can protect your material from wetness and dampness. It protects your material from stains, dirt, and discoloration. It even helps your material stay durable because your material is safe from too much exposure to the elements.

Lightweight Materials

A significant trend for waterproof materials is the focus on lightweight materials. Brands focus on helping you defy the elements while looking elegant using lightweight materials. Lightweight materials make for effective layering that allows perspiration to escape from waterproof materials.  


It’s very important for waterproof materials to be breathable. Brands like Gore-Tex and Arc’Teryx have a high breathability rating. Whether it’s a shoe or jacket, it contains several pores per square inch that keeps water out but allows heat out escape your body. This is important for comfort and to keep you from getting cold.


A recent trend is an emphasis on sustainability. Most of the polymer coating used on waterproof materials remain in the environment and don’t degrade easily. A lot of brands like Arc’Teryx are rising up to the challenges of making eco-friendly waterproof materials.


More brands are leaning towards minimalism. It’s no fun if the material you depend on to protect you from the elements takes all the space. Waterproof materials are made to be easy to carry.


You simply cannot get over the recent stylish trend of waterproof materials. The materials are comfortable and yet make a statement that says ‘elegance’ without losing its functionality. 


Waterproof materials have come a long way from what they once were. Attention is now given to how sustainable and functional the clothes are, while maintaining a superior level of style. If you haven’t had the time to stock up on waterproof materials, you can keep dry using waterproofing spray on your other materials.

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