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What Are the Problems You Can Encounter on A Motorcycle Trip?

Road tripping on a motorcycle is one of the most adventuresome experiences a person can have. Besides offering you opportunities to meet locals and travel on off roads, motorcycling saves a great amount of fuel cost and helps you reach your destination without the worry of traffic jams. In addition to these and many more perks associated with motorcycling, riding a bike had some challenges and consequences. Most of the problems associated with biking are due to the poor maintenance of an aggressive machine.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast who often do road trips on your two-wheeler, you must know that there’s nothing worse than being on a nice ride and having to deal with a mechanical problem or break down far away from home. Luckily there are some precautionary measures that bikers can take to avoid facing these common problems on the road. Although every bike is unique in its working, yet the best way to prevent bike malfunctions from occurring is to regularly maintain your bike and bring all the needed repairs with you in your motorcycle luggage when going on a trip. After delving into motorbike garages to discover the most common problems that mechanics encounter, here we have generated a list for you.

Tire or tube issue:

Tire issue is one of the most common problems that you face on a long road trip. You may have got your old tires replaced before setting out on a trip, but still, there are chances you will have to deal with this issue. Tire problem usually occurs either because of improper tire pressure when you ride or the road you are taking is not properly constructed.

Routinely inspect your tires on your trip to see if they’re damaged or not. If you can spot this early, then you can replace your tires from the comfort of a nearby mechanic. But if you are keeping an extra tire and puncture kit with you in your motorcycle saddlebag, you get it replaced by yourself. Having the luxury of a puncture kit will also help you repair your tire when it gets punctured.

Chain issue:

Another major reason for the motorcycle breakdown on a trip is the chain issue. The chain problem could be either in the form of a snapped chain, or binding and locking of the drive train, which could lead to engine damage or cause you to have a major accident. When going on the road, the chain problem is the result of poor lubrication and not taking care of your chain. To avoid this problem get your chain properly lubricated every day before hitting the road. Also, if your drive chain feels off, it likely doesn’t have enough lube or it’s become too loose. So, besides getting it well lubricated, keep its proper tension at all times.

Battery problem:

Get your battery checked before starting your trip and if it needs charging, get it properly charged but if its condition is bad, get it replaced because you need a properly charged battery especially when you are planning to ride at night too. The battery starts depleting from the time you hit the road and as you go on its condition continues to go down. The best advice would be to maintain its liquid level and properly charged during your trip.

Bad Brakes:

Encountering braking problems on a road trip can be a devastating experience regardless of the vehicle you’re steering and the bikes are the riskiest vehicles to drive. Brake issues could be because of various reasons from the problem with brake pads, brake cables, and brake shoes. Fortunately, brakes usually wear out gradually and give the rider a notice of its malfunction. If riders ignore these warnings, they will surely find themselves in a situation they don’t want to be in. So, if your brakes feel funny while in use, inspect the brake pads and brake shoes get them replaced if necessary. Also, check your brake cables because they could also create problems for you.

In addition to these problems, you could also face problems like spark plug issues, throttle not responding well, gearbox wear, clutch failure, engine mechanical problem of engine ceases. The best practice to avoid all these problems would be to inspect your bike every morning before starting your journey and if you find even a minor issue, take care of it before it becomes a bigger problem.

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