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3 Great Types of Commercial Vehicle in Singapore

When you’re running a business, you might as well look for vehicles to help you do the job in Singapore. Even if you do not need to look for a prime mover for sale in Singapore, you still need unfettered access to transportation for your business needs. Access to vehicles is integral to a business. For example, if you want your business to operate, as usual, you must produce quality products your customers will appreciate. But production of these items is almost impossible if you have no means of transporting raw materials or goods where they need to go. The logistics process will fall apart without any suitable vehicles.

Now that you know the importance of your vehicles, you should also be careful about which vehicle types you choose when you need one. You can find many vehicles available for commercial or business use. If you want to save up, you can find a second hand car in Singapore.

When you need one, don’t buy the first commercial vehicle type you find. You can find many vehicles great for commercial use, but not all run equally. A commercial vehicle in Singapore should fit the needs of a business. You can get the most out of your car if you plan accordingly. Here are some types of commercial vehicles your business may need.

1. The Lorry

Also called a semi-truck, the lorry combines a tractor unit with a trailer to carry freight in. A lorry-type commercial vehicle is what you should use if you have large and bulky items, or a big collection of smaller items to move around.

2. The passenger van

Ever heard of van leasing in Singapore? The passenger van might be your best bet if you want multiple employees to travel in comfort. Employees may need to travel for business reasons, which is why the passenger van is a popular choice for many businesses. You can even use them to transport cargo if needed.

3. The mover truck

When you get a mover truck, you can transport many objects. A mover truck is a truck on the smaller end of the spectrum. Though they may be smaller than lorries, they are still adequate for moving items like furniture for your company.

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