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Everything about Hero Xtreme bike

Launch of Hero Xtreme filled up the pages of all kinds of media. It even did not forget to fill up our minds. This bike especially targets the youth as it is fit for all adventurous activities. It provides all comfort on any terrain.

Price of Hero Xtreme

Two-wheelers with high-tech features are generally very expensive. But when comparing the other contemporary bikes, Hero Xtreme is less. When you compare it with the features, Hero Xtreme which is a 200cc motorcycle had come at the price of 160 cc bike. The weight of the bike is also less in comparison.  The Hero Xtreme on-road price is again less when comparing the other contemporary bikes. The on-road price is varying just a little less or more in all the Metropolitan cities.

Mileage of Hero Xtreme

It gives a great performance in comparison to the mileage provided by other bikes. The mileage for an adventurous bike is really stunning. The efficiency ranges up to 39.9 kilometres per litre with the top speed of 112 kilometres per hour. It comes as a challenge of all the contemporary bikes in the category of mileage.

Exclusive features

  • It contains tons of exclusive features along with best-in-class specifications which are as under.
  • It comes with an air-cooled four strokes, two valves, and single-cylinder OHC engine. The displacement ranges up to 199.6 CC. It is also armed with 18.4 HP and 17.1 NM of torque.
  • You will be amazed seeing a multi-plate wet clutch together with a 5-speed constant mesh gearbox.
  • Hero Xtreme also houses dual disc brakes with Anti Braking System Technology.
  • The specifications of Hero Xtreme also include best-in-class motor combined with a 7 step adjustable mono-shock suspension.
  • It also contains wider radial rear tyres. It is made with the objective of the adventure is styling.
  • It provides you with a lot of comforts if you are going to use the bike around the city.


Top colours

The bike comes with an exotic combination of colours. You can identify them with the below listed five colours.

  • Dark grey with orange
  • Black with dark red
  • Black with clouds silver
  • Blue

Other features

Hero Xtreme is a super cool bike with the best on-road price for every sports commuter on the present date. People all together are repeatedly praising the well-balanced suspension of the bike. They are amazed by the ocean riding experience provided by the bike.

Another highlighting feature is the design of the bike. It is also called as the most handsome bike of the era. You will surely be flattered with its toned muscle-like features. The headlines of this bike are very unique and you can never find the same design in any other bike. The height of the rear Fender kit is so exact to the pillion seat. It also houses modern technology and better handling.

So it is now time to experience sport bike, with unbelievable features. Hero Xtreme on-road price will make you speechless with all these advanced features of the bike.

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