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Few Things That You Need to Consider Shipping Any Classic Car

Many of you must be having a classic car, which is usually highly regarded due to its style, value, and there exist thriving community who are lovers of such vintage cars. All these cars need to be very carefully maintained and while considering about their shipping, then they cannot be just treated like any other cars.

In order to ship any classic car, there is a need for lots of planning. Even a very small detail can also make lots of difference. Following are few things that need to be considered by you while relocating your own classic car.

     1. Choose suitable car shipping company

There are few reputed collector car transport companies available who should be contacted for shipping such classic cars. Make sure that they have the necessary experience of handling vintage cars for shipping. You must read reviews about the company before contacting.

     2. Verify insurance

Though transporters will take all the necessary care during transportation and there is very little chance of any damage of your vintage car. However, for avoiding any risk you need to get the insurance details of the transporter verified before handing them over your classic car.

     3. Select your option for transporting

Most of the cars are shipped within an open trailer and that is the most popular option. However, if your car is a classic car then it needs a special attention and hence you need to go for enclosed trailer.

     4. Wash and also inspect your car

On the day of shipping you need to wash your car very well and then inspect and document all the defects that are present in the car. You may also take few snaps from different angles, so that you may check them while receiving back your car.

     5. Remove all valuable fixtures and items

It is necessary to remove all valuable fixtures from the classic car like music systems, surveillance systems and also all your personal belongings. Car shipping company will not be responsible for those items, if you leave them in your car.

     6. Check its emission

Often classic car can have certain special problem at the destination where the emission regulation may not allow you to drive your car. Therefore, before you hand over your car to shipping company, check its emission is within limit.

     7. Get rust proof coating

Usually, all modern cars come with rust-proof coating over them however these vintage cars may not have that. In some of the overseas countries exposure to salt air cannot be avoided and particularly if there is delay during shipping.

So, it is necessary to get it rust proof coated.

     8. Use custom-fitted cover

You also need to provide extra protection layer for your classic car by ensuring it is having a proper custom fitted cover, which is specially made by using proper fabric material, so that it will not harm your paint job.

     9. Prefer for professional packing

The only way your vintage car (while preparing for overseas transport) can be fully secured is by packing it with industrial level material, done only by a professional company.

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