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Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ Discusses How to Improve Online Customer Experience in the Automotive Industry Today

The car buying journey is evolving rapidly. Modern car buyers are spending more time in doing their due diligence prior to visiting a dealership. Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ says, to cater to the customers of today, dealerships must provide top-notch customer service not just at brick-and-mortar locations, but also online. If they do not create a seamless buying journey for customers across channels, there is a good chance that they would prefer buying a car from a competitor.

Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ sheds light on how to improve online customer experience in the automotive industry

As the average car buyer spends months in researching their purchase, they are likely to engage the dealership on multiple channels and devices prior to visiting the store. As the leads of a dealership bounce between varied touchpoints, they must be kept engaged with marketing campaigns. When designing these strategies, it is additionally imperative for car dealerships to create a consistent experience across all channels. If the ads are not tailored to the latest interaction with the dealership, their experience may feel disjointed and they are less likely to convert.

Car dealerships tend to leverage customer data to personalize marketing messages. This would help in using customer preferences, purchase history, and behavior to tailor marketing communications, and deliver relevant and targeted information that resonates with individual customers. The target audience of the car dealership can be segmented based on demographics, preferences, or buying behavior. This would allow for more targeted marketing campaigns, and make sure that the messages are tailored to specific customer segments. A personalized marketing strategy helps improve customer experience and delivers improved outcomes.

To create a seamless online experience for car buyers, it especially is vital to focus on:

  • Responsive website design: A user-friendly and responsive website is the first point of contact for many customers. The website of a car dealership must be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and provide comprehensive information about vehicles, pricing, and financing options.
  • Virtual showrooms and tours: It is prudent for modern car dealerships to embrace digital technology by offering virtual showrooms and online vehicle tours. This allows customers to explore the interior and exterior of vehicles from the comfort of their homes, and enjoy a more immersive online experience.
  • Email marketing and newsletters: Car dealerships should have an effective email marketing strategy in place keep customers informed about new models, promotions, and service offerings. Regular newsletters can provide valuable content and keep the dealership top-of-mind for potential buyers.
  • Online chat support: Car dealerships need to provide chat support to assist customers with inquiries, whether they are browsing the website of the dealership or exploring vehicles in a virtual showroom.

As per Mark Gilbert Scottsdale AZ, after a customer purchases a car from a showroom; their relationship with the business is not over. In fact, the first purchase often marks the beginning of a customer relationship. By providing a smooth customer experience, car dealerships can forge long-lasting bonds with the customers, which lead to referrals.

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