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Simple Tips For Choosing The Right Bicycle

No matter whether you’re a novice cyclist, or a seasoned pro, investing in a brand new bicycle can be an exciting process. However, what you know about bicycles can have a significant impact on your final selection, and if you are a beginner or someone taking up cycling again following a lengthy hiatus, you may not be quite up to speed with the choices available, and what the best type of bike for your needs and budget, would be.

Making your choice from the top 10 bicycle brands is a good start, but there’s more to know than just the best brands.

To help you get to grips with choosing a bicycle, here are a few things to think about:

Bicycle type:

It’s important to think about where you plan to ride your bicycle, and what sort of terrain you will mostly be riding on before narrowing down your choices. With different bikes for different environments, here are some of the most popular types:

  1. Mountain – these are perfect for riding off-road on terrains that are rougher, such as forest trails and gravel.
  2. Road – these are designed for riding on tarmac, and deliver speed and efficiency
  3. Hybrid – combining the benefits of a mountain bike with a road bike, these are great for commuting in cities and for moderate off-road usage
  4. Triathlon/time trial – these are most commonly used by professional athletes, and have aerodynamic frames for use in time trials and triathlons
  5. BMX – these iconic bikes are still a favourite among children and adults of all ages, and are mostly used for stunts and tricks
  6. Cyclocross – these are best suited for use on mud tracks and dirt roads, and are used competitively
  7. Adventure – not dissimilar to cyclocross bikes, adventure bikes are better suited to longer rides on gravel and dirt surfaces
  8. Touring – if you’re carrying a heavy load and going on an extended ride, a touring bike is ideal
  9. Fixed gear – designed for urban use, fixed gear bikes are great for commuting

How you intend to use it

How you plan to ride your bicycle and where, will be the difference between you buying a semi-professional style of bike such as a cyclocross, or a road bike for general, non-professional use.

Your budget

Varying hugely in cost, bicycles can range from a couple of hundred pounds for a basic model, to thousands of pounds for a semi-pro style. This makes understanding the type of bike you will get the most use out of, and the type of bike that will match your requirements all the more important, to avoid over, or under-spending.

Browsing your options

There’s no substitute for seeing a bike firsthand, and being able to sit on it and get a feel for it. While you may find it helpful to browse your options online, when it comes to buying, it might not be wise to make such a big investment as a new bicycle, over the internet. You can also chat to the sales staff and ask for their recommendations, which you may find useful in narrowing down your options.

If you’re not new to the world of bicycles, and are replacing or upgrading an existing model, buying online may be suitable.

Choosing the right size

Again, when it comes to size and a new bicycle, nothing compares to sitting on one and testing it out. Consider the size of the frame, the height of the saddle, and the reach of the handlebars.

Before starting to shop, browse the world top 10 cycle brands to give yourself a better idea of what you’re looking for, and then consider all of the factors above carefully, before making your final decision and choosing a new bicycle.

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