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The Easy Way To Detail A Car With A Clay Bar

Clay bar detailing involves removing dirt from your car’s paintwork that the regular washing cannot. It is an advanced detailing treatment meant to remove contaminants and debris from the surface of your car’s paint, fiberglass, glass, and metal, resulting in a silky smooth finish. It is easy to determine if your vehicle requires a clay bar detailing by simply running your hand over its surface. Any signs of roughness on its paintwork indicate that it is time for a car scratch repair.

Here is an easy guide to detail your car with a clay bar.

Clean the car

First, wash your car thoroughly, especially if it has old wax on it. Use the two bucket method, which is recommended to protect your car’s paintwork. Use the first bucket with water and soap mixture to wash the car with a good wash mitt. Then use the second bucket with only water to rinse your car.

Dry it

The second step is to dry your car with a microfiber towel or chamois, which doesn’t leave frustrating streak marks over the car’s surface. 

Use a clay bar detailing treatment

Clay bar detailing is a car paint restoration treatment of removing debris that has bonded onto your car’s surface, which cannot be removed by washing alone. Take your clay bar and knead it with your hands until it is flatter, like a disc shape of about 5cm in diameter. Note that you need to do clay bar detailing in small sections at a time. 

When you are ready to begin, spray a small section of the car with the lubricant or detail spray you intend to use, then buff it with the clay bar. Ensure the surface is well lubricated as you clay it. You can knead the clay bar as you work on the surface to maintain a fresh surface for use. When the impurities build on the clay, fold the dirty side into itself to keep using a new surface. Clay all the body, windows, headlamps, and tail lamps of your car.

Polish your car

It is recommendable to polish your car after claying to buff out any parts not cleared by the claying. Choose your compound and buffing pads, then go ahead with the paintwork.

Apply a ceramic coating

Maybe you are wondering what ceramic coating is? Well, it is an extra layer you can add to the top of your existing car’s paintwork to protect the car’s surface. Ceramic coating brings your car’s shiny gloss back. 

You need to use a quality ceramic coating such as NexGen ceramic spray or Mother’s CMX ceramic spray coating for quality and far more permanent results. Remember that a ceramic coating is a clear coat, so it doesn’t change your car’s original color.

Wheel and tire

Before working on your car’s wheel and tires, ensure they are clean and dry. Spray the tire dressing on a curved sponge, then apply it to your tires with care. If you are using a ceramic coating spray on your car’s bodywork, be sure to cover the plastic rims on the tires before spraying. 


You can pay to have your car detailed, or you can save some money and DIY with these tips.

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