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The Ideal Driving Position According to Mazda

Mazda as always has been fastidious regarding the perfecting its pedal layout and the position for all its drivers of diverse physique. While sketching the layout of every Mazda vehicle, the designers follow a methodical approach. A group of expert designers whom we met at the Phoenix Mazda dealership explained to us, how it all takes place.

The Methodical Approach

The experts said, that they start the design by imagining a human being sitting on the driver’s cockpit. From there they go on speculating all the necessities and limitations that can be faced by different people sitting behind the wheels. It is after this first stage, that they proceed towards installing all the essential features and components like the steering wheel, the accelerator and the brake pedal in a way so that it becomes easy for all to operate them in a natural way. This is an approach that also makes the act of driving safer and hence much more enjoyable. All the Mazda vehicles, as assured by these experts follow the Jinba-ittai philosophy, that stands for “horse and rider as one,” approach. This enables driving done from the perfect driving position that will automatically prevent the fatigue from forming up. What the experts emphasized is that, it is this “human-centered” philosophy that lays the foundation of every Mazda design decision and layout of the pedals.

Three Steps for the Ideal Driving Position

Mazda engineers always take a three-step approach for sketching out and measuring the ideal driving position for every kind of driver of different physical stature. The three steps get implemented the following way:


The first step is defining or conceptualizing what can be considered as the ideal driving position. Assuming the fact that a human body needs to move promptly and physically respond immediately at several driving situations, the engineers at Mazda aims to give the drivers a relaxed position. They make sure that the driving position should be such that it stays free from all constraints and do not build up any unnecessary tension on the muscles. They did all the required research to make sure that only it is the ideal driving position that can save the drivers from the fatigue of long hour driving and keep them alert enough so that they can take the driving actions appropriately within a moment’s time. The ideal driving position finally derives a relaxed body posture that is measured at an angle that supports all the joints firmly.

Line of Sight

The second step followed is creating the perfect line of sight that will help all the drivers focus more on the near-distance areas of their driveway especially while driving around the town. The focus is finding out the ideal positioning of the driver’s eye-point and the driver’s “Eye-line Zone to provide the driver with a good view of the road.

Harmonious Placement of Vehicle-Control Devices

The third step as explained by the Mazda dealership near Phoenix experts is to optimize the positions of all the vehicle-control devices that should be done in harmony with all the natural human body characteristics that acts during pressing the accelerator, like the ankle of the foot that bends downwards while the upper torso too can move freely in reflex.

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