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Weather-Ready: Accessories to Protect Your Tesla Model Y in Australian Climates

When it comes to cruising down the scenic roads of Australia in your Tesla Model Y, it’s essential to be prepared for the diverse and sometimes unpredictable weather conditions. To ensure your Tesla remains in pristine condition while offering comfort and protection, we’ve curated a list of weather-ready model y accessories designed specifically for Australian Model Y owners. From Tesla wheel accessories to floor mats, these additions will help safeguard your vehicle against the elements, keeping it looking stylish and well-maintained.

Tesla Wheel Accessories:

One of the most vulnerable parts of your Tesla Model Y during adverse weather conditions is its wheels. To shield them from damage caused by rain, mud, or debris, consider investing in high-quality Tesla wheel accessories. Wheel liners, for instance, provide a protective barrier, preventing dirt and road grime from accumulating on the rims. Additionally, wheel locks offer an added layer of security, deterring theft while keeping your wheels firmly in place.

Tesla Floor Mats Australia:

Protecting the interior of your Model Y is just as crucial as preserving its exterior. Australian climates can bring about muddy trails or sandy beaches, and that’s where Tesla floor mats come into play. These customized, all-weather mats offer superior coverage, ensuring that dirt, water, and spills don’t seep into your vehicle’s flooring. With their easy-to-clean and durable design, these floor mats are a must-have accessory for any Model Y owner looking to maintain a pristine interior, regardless of the weather.

Weather-Resistant Car Cover:

When your Tesla Model Y is not in use, safeguarding it from the elements with a weather-resistant car cover is highly recommended. Australian climates can be harsh, with intense sun exposure and occasional storms. A quality car cover will shield your vehicle from UV rays, preventing paint fading, while also providing protection against rain, dust, and other environmental contaminants. Look for covers specifically designed for Tesla Model Y in Australia, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection.

Window Rain Guards:

Driving through rainy weather doesn’t have to mean a complete closure of your windows. Window rain guards, also known as wind deflectors, allow you to crack open your windows slightly, allowing fresh air to circulate without letting rainwater in. These sleek and easy-to-install accessories are perfect for Model Y owners who want to enjoy the natural ventilation while keeping their interiors dry and comfortable.


Australian summers can be scorching, and prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can lead to overheating and damage to your Tesla’s interior. A sunshade is an excellent accessory to combat this issue. By blocking the direct sunlight, it helps keep the cabin temperature down, protects your dashboard from fading, and prevents the steering wheel and seats from becoming uncomfortably hot. Look for a sunshade specifically designed for the Model Y to ensure a perfect fit.


As a proud owner of a Tesla Model Y in Australia, it’s crucial to equip your vehicle with the right accessories to tackle the diverse weather conditions this beautiful country has to offer. From Tesla wheel accessories to all-weather floor mats, car covers, window rain guards, and sunshades, these accessories will not only protect your Model Y but also enhance your driving experience. Stay weather-ready and enjoy the journey, knowing that your Tesla is well-prepared to handle any climate that comes its way.

Remember, investing in quality accessories specifically designed for the Model Y in Australia ensures a perfect fit and optimal protection for your beloved electric vehicle. So gear up, embrace the elements, and let your Tesla Model Y shine in any weather condition!


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