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What is the Most Powerful Surron? 

The Surron Lightbee X debuted in 2018 and has swiftly become a mainstay in the electric dirt bike market. It is easy to fall in love with it for what it delivers at such a low price. But still, there was potential for development when things got tough on the track or in the trails. The rest of the United States appears to have felt the same way, as seen by the large aftermarket sector that the Surron Lightbee X has spawned.

Aftermarket firms jumped headfirst into the Surron modification industry, catering to anyone who wants to customize their motorcycles with about every item you can think of. It is evocative of the late 1990s and early 2000s import tuner car frenzy. Owners are bling-ing up their basic Surron Lightbee X electric dirt motorcycles to make them larger, quicker, and more eye-catching. If you are interested in modifications, find Surron parts at Alliedactionsports.com

Aside from minor component modifications and, most recently, a battery upgrade from 32Ah to 38Ah, the Lightbee X has stayed mostly intact over the previous four years. With the recent arrival of the new Surron Storm Bee, an alternative for riders looking for a full-size electric dirt bike, it was natural to question if the tiny model would ever undergo a significant update. Surron, on the other hand, has certainly been paying notice. And they just proved that your requests for a larger, faster Surron Lightbee X were heard. The new Surron Ultra Bee is here.

The Surron Ultra Bee looks to fill a need between the popular Lightbee X and the larger Storm Bee. It shares an aluminum frame and swingarm with the Lightbee, but its specifications beat the smaller bike in virtually every regard. 

Battery and charger 

The Ultra Bee is powered by a 74v 55Ah battery with a capacity of 4kWh, a weight of 45 pounds, and a charge time of 4.5 hours. The Ultra Bee charger is positioned beneath the bike seat, allowing riders to charge their bike anywhere energy is available. It is one of the most interesting things we have yet to see from Surron.

Surron Ultra Bee power 

The Ultra Bee’s max power is 12.5kW, resulting in 324.5 ft-lbs of torque to the rear tire. Surron claims a range of 87 miles and a peak speed of 56 mph with all of this power and battery capacity. When our test bike comes, we will investigate these two points.

The Ultra Bee is supported by a fully adjustable fork and shock that provides 9.4 inches of travel in both directions. The Ultra Bee’s 187 pounds are stopped by what appear to be full-size dirt bike brakes and what Surron claims is an improved lightweight offroad braking system.

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