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What Makes The Toyota Supra A Generation Winner?

The Toyota GR Supra has been the present generation’s winner and stand-in for nothing more than pure driving enjoyment since the day it first entered the roads approximately three years ago. Toyota’s illustrious racing history has supported it.

Let’s now take a closer look at what’s fresh and thrilling about the 2022 Toyota Supra and the various comfort and technological enhancements the entire model range received.


The six-cylinder edition of the Supra shares the same sporty, running shoe-like dimensions as the four-cylinder version. The basic Supra has 18-inch wheels instead of the bigger I6’s standard 19-inch wheels, which is the only noticeable change. The smaller shoes, though, may appeal to only some. However, the 19-inch wheels match the dimensions of this automobile better.

Because it uses most of the components from BMW, the inside is as beautiful as the more expensive model. The most crucial components are premium leather, Alcantara inlays within the seats, expensive trim elements, and superb bucket seats.

Connectivity And Technology

The 8.8-inch touchscreen in the standard four-cylinder Supra is identical to that in the six-cylinder version. With clear visuals and a tidy home screen, it is easy to use thanks to the central rotary dial. Additionally, the tachometer is standard throughout the board. It is in the centre of a retro-inspired digital display panel featuring red and orange graphics.


Getting inside the 2022 Toyota Supra might be challenging due to its small doorway and bigger bucket seats. Additionally, the small windscreen makes it difficult to see after you are seated, and you can’t drive with the rolled-down windows due to the incredibly uncomfortable wind buffeting. If you desire comfort, suggesting this automobile to anyone above six feet in height is difficult.

Execution And Handling

At the highest point of the rpm range, its engine generates ample power and good speed off the line. Although it lacks manual transmission, the primary setting of the eight-speed automatic mechanism handles a change of gear relatively quickly and effortlessly.


Active technology, including adaptive speed control and monitoring of blind spots, are included in the Safety and Technology package. Additionally, all Supra versions have a warning for lane departure and automatic high-beam headlamps. The technologies function adequately by providing some additional driving assistance on the highway. However, lane-centring is not included.


The Supra remains the least expensive choice available. The pricing is still less expensive than most options despite having an in-built safety and technology package.

The 2022 Toyota Supra offers an abundance of safety technology and entertainment features.

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