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Get an Insight into the New 2019 Mazda Miata

Mazda is a name which is trusted by people globally. With the new Mazda Miata MX 5, this car is everything a person needs to make a statement. It is considered to be best affordable sports car in the automobile industry. However, before you make a decision and get your new Mazda Miata from a Henderson Mazda dealer, what you should know is all the details and specifications about this car. It will help you in making a decision easily!

Variants and pricing

First of all the new Mazda comes in three variants –Grand Touring, Club, and Sport. It will be difficult to select between soft and hard top models as both has pros and cons. However, most people prefer Club trim option as it offers several performance upgrades when compared to base model which give this vehicle some capabilities like 17 inches wheels, sport suspension, slip differential, etc.

The vehicle has an option for choosing automatic six speed optional speed manual; however, customers lean more towards crisp shifting manual six speed transmission. The Grand Touring is priced at $31,675, Club costs around $30,500, and Sport is priced at $26,625 approx.

New improvements on 2019 edition

There are numerous additions and improvements in the new 2019 edition of this vehicle. One of the features included is back up camera with telescoping and tilting steering wheel. Apart from it, the new edition has a revised engine with four cylinders which offers a horsepower of 188 which was previously just 155. The manual six speed transmission with remarkable finesse is something to check out.

Also, the cars come in different colors like brown colored soft top along with a wheel design which offers a metallic black finish which is available on Sport. Moreover, Grand Touring and Club model comes with automated low-speed emergency braking system and traffic symbol/sign recognition.

Engine and performance

This vehicle’s engine is quite powerful and offers stirring acceleration. One can explore this high revving engine through its easy shifting and direct manual transmission. However, people who choose optional automatic transmission will be impressed for its sporty programming as well as quick shift ability. Soft top model will reach 60 from zero at a record speed of 5.7 seconds or less whereas the hard top models will reach the same at 5.8 seconds or more. More details can be found from Henderson Mazda dealerships.

Fuel efficiency and infotainment

It is quite a fuel efficient sports car which offers 36 mpg for the Grand Touring soft top model whereas the Club model with hardtop provides 37 mpg. It is a cozy fit for two adults and offers an infotainment with touchscreen option along with knob controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and CD player. Apart from it there is a compatible HD radio also. Lastly, the new versions are equipped with Android Auto and Apple Car Play; however, for these some additional cost is added.

Now that you are aware of all the changes, specifications, prices, and more, hopefully you will have a better idea about which one would fit you most. Keeping that in mind, orderwhichever model you like the most out of the three variants.

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