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Symptoms That your Car Tires Need an Immediate Re-Alignment

Tire alignment which is also known as wheel alignments richmond va is one of the major preventive maintenance components for vehicles. But at times, situations can arise, where your car might need it earlier than it was due. The reasons can be various. It could be that your car has undergone some extreme driving conditions like driving through muddy water, sand or other off road surfaces, the tires or wheels have clashed against some solid surface all of a sudden and suffered structural damage, explained a professional staff at the center for tire alignment Monterey.

But whatever might be the reason behind a bad tire alignment, the most important factor in all this is to recognize and know the symptoms of bad tire alignment. And here in this article we would help you in this.

Your Car Tends to Pull to One Side

If your car is not moving straight and is showing strong tendencies of pulling towards any of the sides, even if you do not intend to do so. This happens when all the tires are not properly aligned and are not connected to the steering wheel, the way they are supposed to.

Car Jerks During Acceleration

The other symptom that the tire is not aligned properly is that your car starting jerking violently when you try to accelerate

Uneven Response of the Steering Wheel

When the tires go out of their grooves and get misaligned, it gets reflected through the steering wheel responses. Not only it feels uneven in your hands, but it also starts making noise when you take a turn. On the other hand, a perfectly aligned tire will keep the steering wheel remain straight and will feel perfectly stable and well centered.

Loosening of the Steering Wheel

When the tires go out of its perfect alignment then it will become hard to turn the steering wheel when you drive at lower speeds

It will feel sloppy and loose which is very dangerous since you will lose all your control on the vehicle. So, if you find even a slightest of such hints do not delay getting the vehicle checked and diagnosed by professionals.

Steering Wheel Starts Vibrating and Shaking Violently

If your car steering wheel that starts vibrating while the vehicle is put into motion, it is most likely because of misaligned or imbalanced tires.

Uneven Tire Wear

If you see that the one of more of your car tire treads are wearing out earlier than the others, know that the wheels might be misaligned.

To make sure, measure the depth of the tire tread on both the sides of each tire. With perfectly aligned tires, a car should have more or less the same rubber depth on all the tires.

Tires Making Squealing Noise

If your car is configured as front wheel drive, and they get unevenly worn out due to a misalignment, they will start making squealing noise as the vehicle tries to accelerate or takes turns. In such case, you must go for a front end alignment to fix this issue by a certified mechanic.

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