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What are the Benefits of Installing Paint Protection Film on Your Car?

As a car owner you may understand that it means so much to you. It is simply more than just taking you from one place to another. It is usually one of the major investments you make in your life. You want it to last longer for years and years and you go through all lengths to give it extra security it deserves by installing a new car paint protection by Proshield. We have listed a few benefits for the same.


  • To protect it from nature’s own paint job


Your car paint protection job is more than what meets the eye. Apart from making the car look new and shiny, it also acts as a skin that shields the metal and other surfaces from the damaging wear and tear. Without adding an extra layer of a top notch quality of new car paint protection film, the paint is subject to possible damage from:

  1. Bird droppings contain a lot of acids that will burn through the paint
  2. Tree sap which is particularly hard to get rid of is also loaded with acidic content
  3. Tree fruits such as cherries also have the tendency to burn through and damage the car paint permanently
  4. Road salt that causes grave corrosion to paint and metals, this must be considered in the wintertime when it snows
  5. Road oil and tar where the heat loosens the materials that are stuck to paint
  6. UV rays that can burn through paint.


  • Keep the environmental damage at bay


It helps in sealing the paint to keep the scratches and bubbles from letting the moisture in which causes dispersion of corrosion and at last, rust. It casts back the light and UV rays to fade the sun damage away. It also eliminates the exposure to all elements, also the scratches, burns, nicks and corrosion it may cause.


  • It makes the care and maintenance of your car easier


The car paint protection film casts away the dust accumulation. When it comes to washing your car, it makes it easier and faster for you. While washing the car, just run a soft dust cloth over the car surface for an immaculately clean car with no requirement of any kind of elbow grease. You will also feel proud of yourself by saving extra water, particularly if you are living in a region suffering from drought.

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