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How to Distinguish an Armored Vehicle from a Regular Vehicle

It will shock you to know that globally today, there are more than 100,000 armored cars on the road and are owned and being driven by normal civilians. Isn’t that a huge number? I’m sure it is. There are many secure vehicles on the road that looks just the same way as other cars driving down the highway.

In the last 20 years, these armored vehicles have evolved from what we used to know them to be – looking like forefathers-tanks. They are now electric cars having several family-friendly options like the ones from Troy Armoring company. You can check out some of them too.

So, how can you clearly differentiate an armored vehicle from a regular one on the road? That is what this article has been written to show you.

#1: Watch out for the Ballistic Glasses

There are lots of differences between the glass of an ordinary car and that of an armored car. The windows of armored vehicles are made up of a mix of polycarbonate substrate and leaded glass. This allows the rare window and the windshield to stand assaults repeatedly without breaking. The glass is always very thick – around three inches thick.

#2: Armored vehicles always come with a heavy-duty steel frame

Ballistic-grade steel is the first thing added to armored vehicles. This differentiates their body from that of every regular car on the highway. The entire frame of the vehicle is covered in tempered steel. This is done just like a jigsaw puzzle to make sure the vehicles still maintain their shape while they still offer high-level of security.

#3: Usually have Rebuilt Mechanics

Because of the additional weight of steel and glass, armored cars will often have modified brakes, engine components, and suspension in order to bear the armor. Also, these changes mean that a car that is just newly armored will feel a bit more different to drive once it is fully armored.

#4: Armored Vehicles Have Robust Bumpers and Tires

It is expected that bumpers of armored vehicles will be able to run through just about anything. In this particular type of dangerous occasion, it is expected that armored vehicles get their passengers to safety. So, they are equipped with bumpers that can withstand a continuous impact and tires that will still be standing even when punctured.

With the help of new technologies, ballistic glass is now becoming lightweight and more powerful. So, very soon, armored vehicles will become less heavy-duty and more transparent.

Above are some features that distinguish an armored car from a regular one, so the next time you come across one on the road, it should be easy for you tell if you are standing before an armored car or not.


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